About SHS Group

Established in 1975, the SHS Group has a turnover of over 370 million and employs around 700 people across the UK and Ireland.

The SHS Group Ltd is privately owned and operates in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector. From its Belfast headquarters, the Group provides a strong financial base and central resources for four divisions operating within brand ownership and sales & marketing.

The company owns a range of premium brands including WKD, Shloer, Bottlegreen, Merrydown Cider, Farmlea and Maguire & Paterson matches. In addition the Group through its sales and marketing divisions distributes a portfolio of well known brands such as Jordans, Ryvita, Nivea, Finish and Mars Drinks. The Group is also the largest private label supplier of herbs and spices & wet condiments and a major supplier of milk puddings in GB.

Group Tax Strategy